Thursday, October 29, 2009


Some of you may have thought my previous criticism on Miley Cyrus was a little harsh. Some may have thought that it was perfectly justified. While others may have just thought that i was simply wasting calories by even talking about her. Well to those of you that chose the latter two, I agree. And to those of you who were firmly in the Disney camp, well I'm sorry, but the world says otherwise.

In a recent poll conducted by AOL, 42% of the 44, 594 tweens polled voted Miley Cyrus the "Worst Celeb Influence". Miss Montana beat out competition from Britney Spears (at least she has an excuse...mental breakdown anyone?) with 27%, Kanye West with 19% and Vanessa Hudgens and Shia LeBeouf with 9% and 3% respectively. But in all fairness, what kind of kid is expected to know how to spell "Shia LeBeouf"? Even I had to Wikipedia it.

Seriously, who would look up to this?

Miley Cyrus

Remind you of someone?

And believe me, that's one of the better photos that I could find.

Sorry Kanye, but you'll have to do better than interrupt someone's moment of glory to claim this award. Which was voted the Most Socking Moment of 2009 by 71%. On a related note, congratulations to Taylor Swift who was voted the best Female Artist, and yes, Miley Cyrus was up for this award also.

Stars from Twilight swept several of the other categories, with Selena Gomez taking out both the Best Celeb Influence with 30% over Swift's 28%, and the Favorite Female Television Star by a landslide.

Oh yeah, just in case you live under a rock and are surprised by the results when you hit the link, vampires are oh-so-hot right now in the tween world. Well, everywhere actually.

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