Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Year of the...

Seeing as how I've already listed the five worst songs of 2009, it makes sense to list the five best songs of 2009. Well suck it up, because I don't make a lot of sense. Instead, I present to you the artists who defined this year (aka Most Influential Artists). This list is going against the norm..."why" I hear you ask. Well, my dear friends, it's because it only consists of four artists, not the usual five, ten, 20 or 40 (who decided those amounts anyway). Welcome to the revolution of lists:

  • Disney
As much as I politely dislike Miley and the crew, it would be impossible to not include her on this list. This year was the year tweendom truly took off. Disney stars such as Miley, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, even the Jo-Bros. Well down tweenies, you are number 4 on the list.

  • = Taylor Swift
  • = Black Eyed Peas
Who can ignore the record breaking Boom Boom Pow or I Gotta Feeling. With millions of songs sold this year, and a trail of broken records in their wake, the Black Eyed Peas enter the list at second equal. This year has also been a fairytale story for Taylor Swift, riding the success of last year's release Love Story, Taylor took the pop world by storm, releasing You Belong With Me. Kanye's outburst at the VMAs only guaranteed Taylor further success and reaffirmed her good girl image.

What list would be complete without...
  1. Michael Jackson
Michael's place in this year's most influential artists was a shoo-in but I ad a difficult time deciding on his placement. But I couldn't ignore the posthumous media frenzy surrounding him and the record breaking sales of several of his albums and singles. He truly influenced the recording industry for the better and the fact that he was loved by so many people around the world was the deciding factor. If Taylor or one of the B.E.P.s passed away would there have been as big a media hype around their deaths? Would their albums and singles break records and reenter music charts around the world and take up the majority of the top 40? Congrats Michael...

That was this year's Most Influential Artists awards, stay tuned for more.

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