Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Trail of Memories and a Housewarming

Trail of Memories
As I enter my final few days of high school, I am left feeling somewhat hollow. Not Nixon hollow, as in I never achieved much and only left a trail of destruction, but more "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" or that oh-so-corny overplayed song (which some torturous soul always deems that it needs to be played upon entering a new rite of passage) "Graduation (Friends Forever)". In fact, as much as I hate it, that repetitious, whiny, overplayed pop-song embodies how I feel right now. I want to share a few lines with you, which pretty much sum up my feelings atm:
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back

Before this schooling year began I hadn't really though much about moving on from the bubble that is high school, out into the somewhat real world. I call it the somewhat real world because i always planned on going on to college/university after high school. In fact, to summarize every action or adventure movie ever made, "He thought he had it all worked out, but little did he what was in store for him next". Thank you Indiana Jones for your insight into my life! I thought I would go to university, get a job (in business), settle down and eventually have kids. However, as my time in high school drew closer to an end, I began to question my life plans. I mean, what kind of kid has his entire life planned out from puberty (Michael Jackson (r.i.p.) and Chuck Norris exempt). I want to see the world, experience new cultures, and get out of this bubble of a country. This insight came to me just over a year ago, while visiting relatives, whom I hadn't meet before, overseas. We had never seen each other, yet we acted like we had been living together our entire lives. And when it came time to leave, I felt heartbroken inside because I knew that it was possibly the last time I would eveer see some of them.

But as the inevitable draws nearer to me, I am ready to accept my fate and move on. Last year, especially after meeting and leaving my extended family overseas, I wouldn't have been ready to move on from high school. I was scared, unprepared and unready for change. I'm still scared and unprepared for the huge change that is about to take place but to answer AC/DC I am ready. Just like Daniel Beddingfield, I "Gotta Get Thru This".

Now that I'm (hopefully) over with all this nostalgia, I'd like to thank a lil' lady that goes by the name K-Pop Addict (and yes, that is her real name, her parents didn't even give her a chance. Or maybe they did...I mean when was the last time you meet a stripper named K-Pop Addict. It was just that one time, right? Parents - 1 Stripper - 0.) We have our first blog follower!!! I know what you're all thinking, "Long time reader, first time follower" but get off your lazy asses and follow me. Or leave a comment. BOTH of which K-Pop did. I'm looking at you Jimmy. Put down that ramen and those textbooks and do something productive, like following me.

Bobby out

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