Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nostalgia here we come!

Me again,
Wow this past almost-week has flown by, making me ponder the time I have left in High School. To clear any confusion in the air, we do not run on the whole US semesters where I live, so unlike most you out there who are just getting into college/high school again, I'm winding down. In fact I've only got around 2 and a bit weeks before I complete my government funded schooling FOREVER. Massive student debt, here I come :(

A couple of days ago, my close-nit group of friends, plus a few, just hung out at one of my friend's house. Usually I would be complaining that it was lame, which it kinda was, but this time it was different. It just struck me now, as I was typing, that maybe it was because it would be one of the last times in our high school career that we would all be just chilling out together, without anything to worry about. Sure, we'll hang out between now and the end of school, as well as after, but it just kinda feels like the end of an era. Some of us are moving to universities across the country, others are just attending universities within our hometown, but all of us are going to experience a huge change.

I don't expect to continue the same relationships with some of them that I have now, purely because we'll slowly lose touch with each other. That's something that I find heartbreaking, I mean I've known these people for nearly half my life, some since I was a toddler. And some of these guys are the nicest people you will ever meet. I mean, one of my closest friends would give his limbs for each of us, without hesitation. Hopefully, and most probably, I will develop stronger relationships with new friends at college but I'm always going to miss the friends I have now, because no-one can replace them and the times we have. I'm 100% certain that in a year's time from now I'll be sitting here typing out how much I regret not keeping in touch with my high school pals.

Its not even just my closest friends that I'm afraid of losing touch with, its also those guys who I've spent every single day of the past couple of years in class with, and those guys who I'm get along with really well but don't hang out often simply because we have different social circles. In one of my classes we have all developed a strong bond with each other, after years of going to class, joking and playing around while we should be working, yet we all have different social circles. One of my friends said it perfectly some time ago when he said "Do you realize that if it wasn't for this class we wouldn't be as good friends as we are now". I think that what he meant, and we all knew but shied away from saying, is that if it wasn't for that class some of us probably wouldn't be friends at all. It's those types of things that I'm most going to miss about high school.

Finally, (hold your horses, I'm almost finished) its the sense of camaraderie that we experience in high school that I'm going to miss. I know that most schools don't have the same sort of brother/sister-hood thing happening at their schools, but at my high school we all sort of have this unspoken bond between us. Now, my school isn't the smallest, or by all means largest out there, but we all pretty much know the majority of the school by face. Or at least know the students within the few year levels above or below us. This comradeship is hard to define, so I'll give an example. Whenever I go out and see another kid that I recognize from school, we always at least do the chin and eye-brows up thing that guys do. You know what I mean, right? That thing that guys always do to acquaintances that they bump into but don't really have time/want to talk. Yeah, that thing. Anyway, that might not seem that brotherly to you but that is always followed by a "HEEEY!!! [Insert school name here]!!!!!". And that's at a bare minimum. That even happens to people who have never talked, or even dislike each other at school. Once, at a teen dance club thing, I saw a group of guys who are just destined to become those stereotypical douchebag party fratboys (I've got nothing against the Greek system btw, just some of those douchebags stereotypes) and we did the above routine and even chatted for a little. Now, I'm pretty sure some of them don't even know some of our names, vice versa, but our comradeship from attending the same school brought us together and eliminated those differences. This is a topic that barely ever comes up in conversation amongst my peers at school, but when it does, everyone always agrees that it is definitely there, and something which makes our school unique.

That is something I'll miss the most about high school

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