Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ready Set Blog!

Hello world,
Well this is my second, that's right second, attempt at starting a blog. The first one ended in a horrible disaster, similar to an ant flapping his/her (let's not be sexist here) wings with all the might that could humanly (antly?) be conjured up, in a vain attempt to fly off into oblivion...the ultimate failure. It came down after a single post and two weeks, all because of my lazy (yet productive) manner. Well you haven't got rid of me internet! I'm back with a vengeance and a lot of exams coming up, meaning only one thing:time to procrastinate like crazy.

Who is this mysterious, yet delightful creature i hear you ask yourselves. Well you can call me Bob, or Bobby if you so desire. But, just like that damn catchy Ting Tings song of yesteryear, "That's not my name". It's a pseudonym of sorts, or a nom de plume (insert fake accent here) if you wanna get French on us. It's scientifically proven, to become a famous writer/cultural icon, use a fake name. Just consider me to be the next Mark Twain, Pope John Paul II, King George VI, Prince or Michael J. Fox.

Enough about me, more about the blog. I am currently in my final (gasp) year of high school, soon to be moving onto bigger and better things, along with close to $100 000 worth of debt (yay...not). That's right folks, I am about to enter the 4 year period where you have a free pass to do anything you like, no matter how raunchy or illegal, which you can just shove into a shoebox under your box for the rest of your life. That's right folks, I'm becoming! (hold for laughter). All hilarious jokes aside (that's right, you all smirked, don't deny it), I'm heading off to university/college in a matter of months.

My perspective of this huge change in my life has changed dramatically throughout the year. At the beginning, I was freaking out, scared about what was to come. In fact, if I remember correctly, my first blog was about how I was "scared sh*tless" (censored cus everyone loves a GP rating) about moving on, even though I moaned about how over high school I was. Over the months that passed until today, I have become more accepting and optimistic about moving on, but also more nostalgic for high school. I mean, I've known most of the people at my high school for nearly half of my life, some since I was at preschool. But I'm ready for change, ready to start afresh in a new environment.

Watch this space

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  1. Good luck with college (and blogging). It's a BLAST! But one helpful hint: Always always ALWAYS go to class. No, seriously, even if you miss just one you'll be a week behind everyone and you're left sitting there going, "WTF?"