Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl

As Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the blogging world (Myspace, what's that?) fill up with news of the Super Bowl, I'm going to make like a sheep and follow.

The Indianapolis Colts dominated the first quarter, strong on defense and aggressive on the offense. The Colts opened the scoring, with Matt Stover, the oldest ever Super Bowl player, kicking a field goal to put the Colts three up. With 36 seconds left on the clock in the first quarter, Manning threw a 19 yard pass, straight into the waiting hands of a double-covered Pierre Garcon. With the 2 point PAT kick good, the Colts were up 10-0 at the quarter.

Its seemed as though my predictions were to become true. My head said Colts but my heart said Saints. After a Colts dominated first quarter, the Saints looked like they were never going to recover. The second quarter brought the Saints two field goals, bringing the score to 10-6, with the Colts dominance fading.

I don't know what happened in the locker-room at half-time, I was too busy watching The Who, but the Saints came out roaring after half-time. After recovering the onside kick, the Saints dominated the game, scoring a touchdown, leading the game 13-10. The lead then changed hands back to the Colts yet again, but the momentum from the Saints was undeniable, and they were soon back on top.

The final quarter was an all Saints affair. Scoring two touchdowns, one of them an intercept from a Manning pass. The Saints convincingly won the game, 31-17.

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