Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween '09 - America's Favorite Holiday

After almost a week away from the blogosphere, I have returned to give you your next fix of random musings.

First off the bat, Halloween '09. No that's not Michael Jackson/Patrick Swayze returned from the dead and multiplied a million times over. And no, that's not Kanye drinking all your alcohol and obnoxiously abusing every female that walks past. Its Halloween!

The only night of the year when persons of the female persuasion can go out in nothing but lingerie, or less if they so desire, without anyone being able to call them a skank/whore/slut. Its that day where everyone gets a free pass to do/wear anything their heart tells them.

Gone are the days of roaming the streets knocking on doors for candy. Instead we're roaming the streets, blind drunk, looking for the next party to crash. So much has changed since our innocent eyes saw Halloween as a day of candy and costumes. Except for the costumes that is. You can guarantee that if it fit when you were five, it can fit when you're 20. In fact, it may have a little too much fabric, so go ahead and cut that bottom inch off that dress Snow White.

From this:

To This:

And, believe it or not, everyone thought she was prude because her costume covered up too much.

In the mean time, I'll let you sleep off your alcohol induced comas that you're all bound to be still in.

Until next time...

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